Confused what is Digital marketing? Know it the right way

Do you have a product or service ready but don’t know how to take it to the market? While sitting and reading, you must be wondering, Will this blog help me in understanding Marketing?

When I had started my business a couple of years back, I used to also sit back and think about what should I do to get more students to my class.

Tried Facebook ads, print media. But nothing worked brilliantly worked for me either.

I was lost in this pool of marketing. Didn’t knew where will I get a ray of hope. Though I discontinued my business after that.

But was searching for something that could help me and many others like me.

Now  I have joined the DigitalDeepak Internship program. This program has brought 360o transformation.

In this blog, I will be sharing my learning and experience that I have learned in the Week 2 session.

This blog is intended for all entrepreneurs, students, professionals, marketers, anybody who wants to understand marketing.

 For starters, we must first know what is our Financial goal. It could be like to able to generate 1 crore of revenue in a year. Whatever, your goal may be, sit down, take a pen and a paper, and write it down.

It is a wish until in your brains. When you write it down you will give it a body.

Be specific. Give it a deadline.


I will start in January 2022, and it will generate a yearly revenue of 2 crores per year by December 2025.

So wait, write your goals first. Stick it over your study table so that you could see it every day. This will get you working towards it.

You may even set it as your WhatsApp status or profile picture, this will keep you reminding of it.

And instead of looking at the unwanted message, you will work towards achieving them.

Now how to achieve this goal. I have a simple plan for you. Say you want to earn 1,00,000 you can have

How to make Rs 1 Crore From Digital Marketing

Either create a product/service pricing at 100 and create 1,00,000 customers.

Either create a product/service pricing at 1,000 and create 10,000 customers.

Or create a product/service pricing at 10,000 and create 1,000 customers.

Or you can have a product/service pricing at 1,00,000 and create 100 customers.

Whichever target zone you decide you need to make sure you need to create a quality product/service that will end value to your customer.

Doesn’t it feel simple now to achieve this or any goal? Break it down into smaller targets.

Now let us understand what Marketing is?

Marketing starts even before creating a product. 

5P’s of Marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Platform
  • People

Before you create a product you need to understand your people for whom you are creating this product. You need to understand what they are looking for.

Once you understand your targeted customers.

Create a product that fits their needs. Work towards creating a quality product. Spend your time to create the best in your niche.

Build your own personal brand. Give it a face and body. People should connect with you.

You are the right person to know the value of your product. But also do some research and understand your competitors.

Then finalize the best price of your product.

Select the right medium of promotion. It could be a print ad, social media ad, content marketing, and so on.

You need to talk with your people about the product.

Then you need to select a platform that you want to use.

Digital Marketing = Digital platforms(like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and son) for marketing.

Marketing = People+Product+ Communication+Trust + Advertising+ Copywriting+ Sales

This is the formula of marketing, though complex but will give you results.

Establish a connection with your audience. Once you create a quality product, and it will start to sell by itself.

You should focus on marketing it, but maintaining the quality of the product is of utmost importance.

Marketing is the only investment that will surely earn you money.

Good marketing needs good communication skills.

Good communication doesn’t imply that we write how we wrote in schools for essays.

Use simple words, it establishes a connection.

Write more and more. Give words to your thoughts.

Enjoy writing to your customers, building trust with them.

Now let us dive into the ocean of marketing.

Let us understand the difference between Traditional and Digital marketing.

How did you come to know about Kurkure chips? Most of you would answer me through a TV or radio commercial.

This is Traditional marketing.

The products that are marketed using TV, radio, print media have a wider audience across the globe.

So they need to reach them using TV commercials.

But they can’t directly connect with their customer. No personalization is possible.

In Digital marketing, we are promoting our product on different digital mediums like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Read More – Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Our target audience consists of people who know English. So we may have fewer people. But that is perfectly fine.

We can directly connect with the customer.

We talk to them directly.

We provide a quality product.

So sales happen naturally.

We can go deeper, and deeper.

We can measure the number of sales that happen through a particular medium. Not possible with Traditional marketing.

Now next let us understand the CATT Marketing funnel. This is the perfect formula to create wealth from your business.


what is digital marketing

Now the first thing we need to do is select a niche. Niche is the area of your interest.

Selecting the right niche is the first step to success, so choose wisely.

If you have talent, and passion for a niche, but no market. It would not get you results.

Also, if you have talent and market, but no passion. Ultimately you will get fed up with creating content that you won’t do it more.

So the perfect niche that you select must be


niche in digital marketing

But always go narrow down while selecting a niche.

Say you want to create an educational product that prepares them for competitive exams. This has a market, but a very large competition too.

Reduce competition.

Go narrow down this niche, like create a product to prepare them for AIEEE exams. You may even narrow your niche to AIEEE preparatory kit for students in Maharashtra.

Then create the content for your product. This will take time. Give time to create quality content.

This is most important as everything will go around it.

Then you may use different digital marketing tactics like SEO, SEM, Social Media ads, Paid Ads, and so on to get attention from your audience.

Don’t immediately pitch in for sales.

Provide them some free content. Try building a relationship with them.

This will build trust for you.

Trust is necessary for any product to sell.

Ans lastly Transact. You may give them offers and pricing for your product.

With trust, many would make the purchase immediately.

Few would wait.

Always keep talking to all your potential customers even if they don’t transact now.

Don’t worry keep sharing quality content with them. They will soon transact with you.

Just keep following this cycle, success is guaranteed.

Now let us talk about the most important part of Digital Marketing,

Integrated Digital marketing.

Now many people like me use only one medium to market their product They feel using only one digital platform can give them all the results they are looking for.

Use a combination of all mediums and see the magic it will create.

content marketing

Content Marketing

This is the heart of all marketing. You need to start here. Build quality valuable content that your audience is looking for.

Be simple, and realistic.

This will have the essence of your product. This will get you more customers.

So give it a priority and stick to creating quality content for every user, whether they buy or they don’t.

Through quality content, you will be able to generate a subscriber list.

Send regular emails to them. These emails should contain some more valuable content for them.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is important for every content we create.

This is not done by simply stuffing the keywords in the content.

Google is smart enough to differentiate relevant content for the user. It will reject you.

Make the content relevant. Google will understand your authority, and send the desired traffic. Your audience will reach you. They will like it. And come more.

Social Media

You may use Social Media sponsored ads or free promotion on your Facebook page/or Instagram story to drive traffic to your content.

Even the users who have come to your content through SEO or Paid ads will promote you on social media if you have created A-1 quality content.

So good quality content is the secret ingredient for any type of effective marketing.

Paid Marketing

Use Google or other paid ads to drive traffic to your free content/landing page. This ad cost can be minimized by making good quality content.

Once you get the user to your landing page, you may have the contact details of the person looking for information that you create.

Nurture them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most strong medium to build a direct connection with our customers. But don’t directly start with a sales copy.

Send useful content to them. Don’t spam the email box.

Email marketing will help you building trust. It will drive traffic to your content.

This will build more trust.

When all of this thing happens SALES will happen naturally. You won’t be forcing this on anyone.

This is the beauty of Integrated Digital Marketing.

Use it, and move a step closer to your defined goals.

To step closer to your goals, create your brand. Give it your face.

Build your personal brand

Personal branding will create an identity for you. Like we have the brands like Sachin Tendulkar. People buy the products they are endorsing not because of the product value, but because of the brand image that revolves around Sachin Tendulkar.

Even Sachin Tendulkar did not create a brand image in a day. It took time, effort, and learning as investments for him.

 It may take years to establish your personal brand. But do it. This will get you results.

I have a simple plan for you. Follow it. And you will reach your destination.

Learning is an ongoing process. Keep learning more and more in your niche.

Keep implementing what you learn. You may take up any freelancing project or join a company to master your niche. You may start your project.

This will help you gain experience. Understand the loopholes.

Now next, you need to write about what you learned. Like I am doing now. Add your experience. Share it with people.

Write more. You will learn more. You will grow more.

Don’t fear that you can’t write. Just give words to your thoughts.

The next step to establish further is to start consulting.

You may start with 1:1 consulting. Or consulting with a group. It is your choice.

Initially, you may do it for free, to learn. Then start charging deciding the value you will be adding to the customer.

Just do it. Don’t hesitate.

You don’t need to be the Guru in your niche. You just need to better than many others.

Now you can start mentoring. If your expertise is at 5/10. Then you can mentor people with expertise at 3/10 or 2/10.

Mentoring will help you do your research work. While drawing the lesson plan, you will understand the concepts better.

You will get better with your niche.

Now you can also plan to start your company that you were planning for.

Divide your time wisely. Do every activity. You will see the results coming.

Keep this cycle going.

Keep learning, implementing, blogging, consulting/mentoring.

This will polish your skills. It will mold you to new me every day.

I feel happy to share my learning and experience that I had during the Week 2 class of the DigitalDeepak Internship program.

I know I will learn a lot more in the coming weeks. Thanks, Deepak Sir.

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Komal Beria is an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer. In the initial stages of her career, she worked as a software developer with reputed IT companies. But very soon she picked up her passion for writing. She has been providing freelance content writing services for almost a year now. As a blogger, she has written several blogs on different niches like Digital Marketing, Technology, Insurance, Content Writing, Technical Writing, and so on. All her write-ups have received appreciation from her readers. She believes in ” Live each day as if there is no tomorrow”. She continues her learning every single day enthusiastically.

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