difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Insights of traditional marketing vs digital marketing

What is traditional marketing?

Whenever I think of ads on TV, it reminds me of days when Amul commercial used to run on TV with rural women is carrying a pot of milk and travels to homes to deliver fresh milk. Do you relate to ads like these?

This can be the best example of Traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing started way back in the 1800s when people felt the need to sell products to each other to generate income. 

It is primarily used for products that have a larger reach and the product is generic. Traditional marketing proves to be a big success when we are looking to reach the rural areas of the market.

Traditional marketing is used by mid and big size businesses to create brand awareness.

Evolution of traditional marketing

It all started with the Print media where the seller used posters to pass the message to their prospective customer. Today we have advertisements being printed in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and so on. They grab the attention of readers.

Then came radio commercials. The first radio ad was published in the 1920s which was a commercial for the sale of apartments in Jackson Heights.

Then came TV commercials in the 1940s. This was an ad by Bulova Watches to announce its product. 

Then we also have Telemarketing calls that are a popular traditional marketing method. Here there are trained salespeople who make cold calls to customers and give a brief about the product/service of the company. They try to persuade you to either fix an appointment with them as a second level of marketing.

We also use printed flyers, brochures, catalogs, promotion letters, and so on as a traditional method of marketing.

How does traditional marketing works?

For good sales, the product must reach more and more audience. People should connect to this product.

So the companies are always working towards driving the attention of customers towards their product.

The best medium to do so is the traditional methods of marketing that are available today.

Brand value can be created for the product. Also, brand awareness is created.

Traditional marketing lets the consumer know about the new products launched in the market through advertisements.

TV commercials are the most popular ones. As we have more than 50% of the global population seeing television.

They can relate to the ads shown on TV. The product endorsed by celebrities helps to drive sales for the company.

Now when people become aware of the product, they will make a purchase creating profit for the company. 

Then a part of this profit is re-invested back in traditional marketing to increase the sales further.

traditional marketing vs digital marketing_Profit

Pros of Traditional Marketing

  • The traditional marketing stays in memory for a longer time
  • It has a wider reach in the local market
  • Creates Brand visibility among customers
  • Traditional ads can be easily found in newspapers or TV or Radio
  • More personal touch through telephone calls
  • Easy to understand and digest
  • A hard copy of the product/service details available to customers

Cons of Traditional Marketing

  • High cost for Advertisements
  • No stability
  • Lesser global reach
  • Profits are not easy to measure. A survey needs to be done to understand the market acceptability for the product.
  • No direct connection with the audience
  • One way communication
  • Expenses increase significantly if the ad needs to be localized
  • Deep marketing is not possible

What is digital marketing?

Have you ever searched for a product on Google search engine? Do you see the details of that product there with an ad copy? 

This is Digital marketing.

By definition of digital marketing, it is publishing ads on digital mediums like Google search engine, Facebook & other social media platforms, websites, and mobile applications.

With teleservice providers like Jio, Bharti Airtel internet has reached even the remotest villages in the country. This has given rise to more internet users. 

More than millions of users are searching on the internet and trying to gain information about a product or service in their local language.

This has given rise to the market potential for digital marketing.

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Evolution of Digital marketing

With the advent of the internet in the 1990s, more and more users across the globe got connected through email. Then came the search engine service offered by Yahoo and Google.  

As the population across the globe grew, so did the buying potential of prospective customers also grew. 

This lead to the development of e-commerce portals like Amazon, eBay, the market leaders. 

Then after sometime various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Also, more smartphones came up in the market. 

More and more people started to create social media accounts on their smartphones.

Slowly people realized that restricting the business to traditional marketing methods won’t reap larger benefits. So they dived into Digital Marketing.

Different types of Digital marketing 

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Email Marketing

And the king of all Digital marketing is “Content Marketing

How does Digital marketing works?

When more and more educated users have started visiting the web, businesses started to realize the power and potential of the Internet.

This is when they introduced themselves to digital marketing.

Whenever any vendor wants to introduce or connect a product to potential customers, they may use Paid Ads(also called PPC or Paid per click). Through this method of marketing, the business pays for the ad only when a customer clicks on the given ad and not otherwise. This saves a lot of advertising costs and increases profitability as payment is done only when the customer shows interest in the service or product.

Search Engine Optimization is a way of increasing organic traffic to your websites. This can be achieved by making the website authoritative and relevant. To do so proper content with efficient use of keywords needs to be created. Also, the content published must be useful to the audience. As more and more visitors visit your website the better the ranking you achieve.

Social Media Marketing is an effective way of putting paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and so on. A million users visit different social media platforms every day. When they visit and they see a relevant ad that can add value to them they click on those ads and may buy the service or product.

And the leader of Digital marketing is Content marketing. Today every brand can publish content that their customer may be interested in reading about. This can attract traffic to their website. If the customer finds the content relevant they may opt for the product/service provided by the website. 

traditional marketing vs digital marketing_content

Pros of Digital Marketing

  • Creates a global presence of the business. In simple words, you can sell your product/service in the US while sitting in India.
  • The product reaches the market as soon as you publish the content
  • Two-way communication that helps to understand the customer needs
  • Can achieve deep marketing
  • The marketing results are measurable
  • Can be done for a specific set of audience
  • It creates a path to Natural Sales
  • It is cost-efficient

Cons of Digital marketing

  • It is suitable for users well versed in the English language and Internet users.
  • Suitable for the younger generation
  • It is short-lived. People fail to remember digital ads. Also, these ads can be annoying when we are searching for some other information that is required urgently.
  • A specialist is needed when we speak about Social media or Search Engine Optimization or when it comes to Paid Ads.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing – Your Final call

Traditional marketing has its own set of benefits and downfalls. So does Digital marketing.

A business should adapt both the methods and see for themselves which gives better results.

Several factors like the age and location of the potential customer need to be taken care of while choosing the correct medium for marketing.

We can also combine both methods. Like suppose for a brand like HDFC Bank, they can use flyers, posters, and TV ads to reach a larger audience. Also, they can use Social Media and Content Marketing to build trust among a younger audience.


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