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Komal Beria

Content Writer

My Passions & Personality

I am Komal Beria. I am that so-called 100% Mumbaikar. I have enjoyed the lighting and life of Mumbai, like many other Mumbaikars.

I have done my graduation in Electronics & Telecommunication from Mumbai University. I started my career as a software developer. But very soon I realized it was not that I enjoyed doing.

Then I started exploring different domains like teaching, writing, and Digital Marketing. I liked sharing my knowledge with people and what better than writing blogs on them. This is when I started writing blogs. Initially, I was apprehensive, will people read my blog? Will they like them? But then I realized I just need to share my learning and experiences with people so that some might surely benefit from it.

Slowly I started reading more and more books on how to enhance my writing skills along with some online courses and videos. Here now I am exploring my new venture in writing as a freelance content writer and thoroughly enjoying each passing moment.

I also like dancing right from the days of my childhood. I spend a lot of time reading motivational books. I try to implement the principles that I read in these books to have a better life, each day.

I love traveling and exploring new places. I am a foodie. I like to eat and cook too. I love enjoying local cuisine whenever I travel. I love cooking a healthy meal with tons of love in it.

I also enjoy speaking on several topics. I always do my homework before I prepare to speak up. My friends have always appreciated my handwork and dedication that I put in every task that I take up. Everyone in my vicinity knows that Komal will meet all the deadlines if she commits, no matter what it may take.

I can only say I am a fun-loving person and would continue my journey of learning and sharing with you.